Please read and follow all instructions in this guide. If none of the troubleshooting steps resolve your issue please provide the requested information so we may attempt to help you further. We also have the new ThunderTV User Guide available in PDF format to download. This guide helps you with installation, use and troubleshooting. You can download the guide at http://userguide.thunder-tv.com
If you are experiencing issues with your service here are some tips that may be able to help.
- **Never** share your username and password with anyone
- **Do not** attempt to use more devices at the same time than your subscription allows for.
     - For example if you're subscription allows for two (2) devices and a third one connects it will cause issues.
            - We do offer upgrades that will allow you to use up to eight (8) devices on one subscription, contact us top upgrade
- If you think your Username and/or Password has been given to someone we can change those for you, just let us know what you would like them changed to.
There are usually five (5) reasons for buffering issues and we can assist you with these.
- Setting on the app you are using for our service
- The app itself
- The device you are using
- Your Broadband Internet connection
- The Video Player you are using, not all apps allow external video players so trying another app may help.
**Settings in the app you are using for our service:**
1. Open your ThunderTv app, if you are using another IPTV app these steps may be similar but you may have to look around
2. Click on settings
3. Click on player settings
4. Find the Decoder setting and make sure it is set to Hardware Decoding
5. You can also do a Channel/Playlist Refresh.
     -We recommend you do this one a week and just before any PPV Event to always have the latest Channels available
     -This option will be located in the Setting Menu, Update Playlist
    - You can also set the app to automatically do this every time the app is opened in the Settings Menu
**The Apps**, we recommend you have at least two (2) apps installed so you can compare if the same issue is happening across multiple apps:
Android/Firestick APK:
Install Filelinked from the App Store and use the following Filelinked Code: 72147577
You can also get Filelinked at https://get.filellinked.com
Install Downloader from the App Store and use any URL below
Downloader URL's for Apps:
ThunderTv X URL: http://try.thunder-tv.com
ThunderTv Blu URL: http://blu.thunder-tv.com (New)
ThunderTv Blk URL: http://blk.thunder-tv.com (Latest but not Smartphone friendly)
ThunderTv OG URL: http://watch.thunder-tv.com (4 screen Multiview)
ThunderTv Mate URL: http://get.thunder-tv.com (Our version of the TiviMate with Premium features unlocked)
For VOD & TV Series we have CyberflixTV: https://bit.ly/2LK7et5
iOS/iPhone/iPad App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iptv-smarters-player/id1383614816
Smarters IPTV App portal URL: http://its.thunder-tv.com:8000
Browser Web Player: http://Webplayer.thunder-tv.com
Thunder TV installer for PC: http://exe.thunder-tv.com
**The device our app is installed on:**
- Are the other apps in your device connecting to the internet?
- Are you experienced this on all your apps?
- You may want to try it on your Smartphones Or another box, just to compare and rule out the device.
- When installing the app always give it permissions if asked.
Please try the following steps to try to help resolve this issue. Please do these steps in the order they appear. Perform one step then verify if the issue is resolved before moving onto the next step.
1. Clear cache on your device for the app you are using
2. Check Setting in your app, usually under Playback, and make sure Decoder is set to Hardware
3. Refresh Playlist in the application
4. Log out of your application and log back in
5. Reboot your device
6. Install one of our other apps and see if the issue replicates, links above
7. Clear data on your device for the application you are using** (Note: this will delete any favorites and settings you currently have in your application. This will require you to reconfigure your application from,scratch)**
**Your Broadband Internet connection**
Please check your internet speed on your device, refer to your manufacturers instructions on how to perform this task. You need at least 25 mb/s consistent download speed dedicated for our service per device. If you are utilizing WiFi be sure that the signal strength is at minimum Good. Remember duct work, wiring, plumbing and other structural interference can degrade wireless signals. 5 GHz signal while the fastest losses its integrity when travelling through anything structural. If you have a dual band modem/router try connecting your device to the 2.4 GHz signal and cycle through the different channels to see if that solves the issue. You can also reboot your modem/router by unplugging it for one (1) minute then plugging it back in. Once the modem/router is reconnected see if the issue has been resolved. If you have a separate modem and router please reboot both however, plug the modem back in first. Once the modem is completely rebooted then you can reboot your router, then try your service again.
If you are experiencing issues with playback, audio/video sync, some channels (especially 24/7 or Catch Up) not playing properly, etc. you may need to try a different Video Player in your app. Not all of our apps allow you to use an external video player so this will only apply to those that do. If your app does not allow this please try installing another app.
First you will need to download a video player from your app store or sideload it. We recommend MX Player and VLC Player both are downloadable from your App Store. Simply search for the video player you would like to install and install it from your App Store. In most apps you will go to the SETTINGS and look for Video Player or External Video Player. You will then choose which video player you would like to use. Some allow customization as to what video player is used for what function and others only allow you to use a single video player for everything. You will have to look at the settings in your app specifically.
We hope that this information, while vast, has helped you with your service issue. If you perform all the steps above and are still experiencing the same issue please provide us with the following information.
1. What app(s) you are using to view our service?
2. What device are you using?
3. Does this happen on all apps you use to view our service?
4. Does this happen on all devices you use to view our service?
5. What type of connection is your device, wired or wireless?
6. If wireless, what is the signal strength, Poor, Good, Excellent?
7. What are the upload and download speeds are you getting at your device? Please run test four (4) times about three (3) minutes apart
    -You can test by installing the Speedtest.net or Fast.com App from your App Store
          - Test #1:
          - Test #2:
          - Test #3:
          - Test #4:
8. Try installing this Free VPN as your ISP may be throttling or blocking your IPTV service, http://bit.ly/PowerVPN, also available through our Filelinked.
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